Forgotten Realms D&D 3.5

3/2/13 The Pillar Chase

Tell me of the Wandering Five,
Seeking to forge a name,
Making their living through labor,
Dreaming of gold and fame.

We left the Five in caverns dark,
Beneath the Broken keep,
Having just fought an acid beast,
And scored with wounds quite deep.

But with the Scraptor finally slain,
And feeling not the best,
The Five made camp within the den,
And laid their heads to rest.

And when they woke Iissal the Strong,
Seemed to be in a daze,
But the other four merely shrugged,
And went off on their ways.

And tromping forth they found a corpse,
And told Iissal to search,
And though the present folks found naught,
Dazed Iissal found some merch.

“This is the symbol of a God,”
“Who’s goodly, just like mine,”
Said Komboro, the Holy man,
“Blessed be to the divine.”

“Then put his bones into the sack,”
Sethrin did then propose,
“Perhaps his kin will give a boon,
Some gold, I would suppose.”

And went they further down the hole,
And came upon a door,
And though Bold Seth did wish to knock,
The others wanted war.

And so the dungeon door was kicked,
And Iissal told to charge,
Straight into an orcish trio,
Both menacing and large.

Despite the battle being joined,
The tunnel was quite small,
Leaving the Five stretched out longways,
Pushing to reach the brawl.

But Zib cast forth his azure bolts,
And Card her specter blade,
And Komboro held tight the line,
And in the back Seth stayed.

And when Cardinal struck down an orc,
The battle seemed to turn,
But lo, Strong Iissal was then cut,
And Sethrin’s face was stern.

Brave Seth charged in to wildly swing,
And cover Iissal’s flight,
But Komboro and Card-i-nal,
Were quick to end the fight.

And as the Holy searched the room,
He sensed some evil here,
And prying at a secret door,
Was impaled on a spear.

“That is a trap, my Devout friend,”
Sethrin did Boldly say,
And though he tried to disable,
He got speared anyway.

“Ahem,” said Sethrin, gritting teeth,
“This one is rather tough,”
“Give me two minutes, my dear friends,”
“Just two should be enough.”

In two minutes the trap was broke,
And Seth did step aside,
‘Cause heavy breathing could be heard,
“Who wants to go inside?”
Dazed, Strong Iissal did lead the way,
Because we told him to,
And came to face a Monster Orc,
Who punched him black and blue.

But with the orc distracted so,
The five could move to flank,
And taking spots on all his sides,
They set about to shank.

The Bold and Brave Sethrin did stand,
With longsword gripped so tight,
And twice he rolled a critical,
And backed it up. That’s right.

But it was Cardinal, the lass,
Who raised her axe aloft,
And brought it down on the orc’s neck,
And chopped the head clean off.

They could not find a secret door,
Where they knew one to be,
So delved they down another path,
To see what they could see.

And in a room of moldy web,
The Five did meet their match,
‘Cause something bit Zib on the neck,
But was too small to catch.

“Did you see it?” asked Zib Zook,
Casting about in fear,
“That I did not,” Bold Sethrin said,
“But I see no loot in here.”

So the Five left, and traveled back,
To where the orcs were slain,
And upon reaching the far room,
Card saw the hid door plain.

And in the second secret room,
They found a scroll quite strange,
But the Five had not time to spare,
As Blackbird came in range.

“The Pillar!” Brave Sethrin did shout,
“It’s stolen from the keep,
It’s moving towards Scepter tow’r
And guarded by Dark Creeps.”

So up they ran, out of the cave,
The Five moved with great haste,
Over the ruins of Spellguard,
There was no time to waste.

Finally Juniper warned them,
The pillar grew quite near,
So they prepared to fight the beasts,
Without a shred of fear.

Three dozen Creepers they did see,
Crawling over the rubble,
Even with allies at their back,
This fight could be trouble.

But Wild Zib, with gleaming eyes,
Drew forth a magic wand,
And saying mystic arcane words,
A fireball was spawned.

The blast was blinding, bright, and hot,
Stones melted underfoot,
And as the smoke wafted away,
The creepers turned to soot.

Iissal and Card and Seth and Zib,
And Proud Komboro too,
Could only sheath their blades and shrug,
Zib left them naught to do.

The Five carried back the pillar,
To the Precipice keep,
And took it to the catacombs,
And buried it down deep.

But only a day they tarried,
For the Five need no rest,
With the scroll of Urgal in hand,
They sought out a rat nest.

Out in the ramparts of Spellguard,
The Drano clan does dwell,
So the Five set out to visit,
To learn what they could tell.

But at the very door they found,
A halfing full of rage,
He rang a bell to bring allies,
The Five he did engage.

Then thick brown fur grew from his skin,
His nose became a snout,
His teeth grew long and grinding,
His hairless tail did sprout.

Before the Five could get a grip,
The wererat’s did attack,
And with the group surrounded,
The wererat’s beat them back.

Strong Iissal still lost in a daze,
Got crits round after round,
But without blessed silver weapons,
Triumph could not be found.

So despite Komboro’s dissent,
They broke free of the snare,
And with no ratty pursuers,
Went to the Keep for care.

Tell me of the Wandering Five,
Seeking to forge a name,
Making their living through labor,
Dreaming of gold and fame.

last nights game: 3/09/13
DM's perrogrative

In the spirit of making our game both fun and rewarding, I am making the following changes to the awards of xp and treasure:





2/16/13 To the Broken Tower

[Ballads by the bard know as “The Mockingbird” continue to increase in popularity around Jon-Ril. They seem to focus on the exploits of an party of adventurers dubbed, “The Wandering Five.” The group appears to be made up of Komboro (‘The Holy’), Iissal (‘The Strong’), Cardinal (‘The Benevolent’), Zib (‘The Wild and Nimble’), and Seth (‘The Brave and Bold’). Along with a number of animal companions this group appears to be working to clear the wilds of Jon-Ril and the ruins of Spellguard. What follows is a portion of “The Ballad of the Five,” titled, ‘To the Broken Tower’]

Tell me of the Wandering Five,
Seeking to forge a name,
Making their living through labor,
With dreams of gold and fame.

The Five, they sent forth happ-i-ly,
Into where Spellguard fell,
And sought they ghostly oracles,
Where ghosts were said to dwell.

But found they, amongst the ruins,
Far darker things than that,
Great squealing metal monsters,
And dangerous combat.

A metal serpent reared its head,
Above a wall of stone,
It was a face they much despised,
For its attacks were known.

Between the Five, there was much talk,
Of simply passing by,
Until Benev’lent Cardinal,
Did shoot it in the eye.

The Strong and Holy strung their bows,
And made the wolves to bleed,
But often armor blocked their shots,
And arrows broke like reeds.

And Zib and Card’nal loaded bows,
And added might to might,
But still the beasts did plod ahead,
They hungered for the fight.

Seth saw a hated enemy,
From whom he bore a scar,
And growing to a mighty size,
He moved, its way to bar.

The Benevolent cast her spells,
But saw no damage dealt,
So praying to her god of luck,
A glass, took off her belt.

But Seth cast down the Arbilest,
A long and sweeping slash,
So Card’nal leapt into the air,
Seeking a head to bash.

And came she down, a falling star,
Roaring to Tymora,
And murdered she a metal hound,
Smashing it before her.

And took she up, her stained greataxe,
The one Benevolent,
And cleaved she at the second wolf,
And through its head she rent.

Watching as the great slow cobra,
Leapt up at Nimble Zook,
The Strong and Holy sheathed their bows,
And up their blades they took.

Bravely they charged the metal snake,
Which soon the Five surround,
And with their blades of every size,
Upon its back they pound.

Until Komboro the Holy,
Did raise his longsword high,
And thrust it down into the beast,
And stabbed it in the eye.

So stood the Five over steel bits,
of springs and dripping oil,
“These beasts, they were the guardians,
Of the ground we spoil.”

“Look here,” said Seth, the Brave and Bold,
“A column all of white,
And look at these foul spider men,
Whose corpses hold it tight.”

Iissal said, “These are the creepers,
I heard the barkeep name,
Seek they these great stone pillars,”
The others said the same.

“We must take up this holy quest,”
Komboro did then plead,
And seeing that his mind was set,
Bold Sethrin did concede.

Carried they with all due caution,
The large and heavy load,
And Loyal Blackbird overhead,
Kept keen eyes on the road.

And presented they the pillar,
Before Wise Curion,
Who wove them a most frightful tale,
They knew what must be done.

“Great evil,” said Wise Curion,
“Has took the Scepter heights,
A wizard of no small renown,
Performing evil rites.”

“And seeks he out these pillars,
Mystic alabaster,
What rite the mage will soon complete,
Is to be disaster.”

“I will protect this ancient stone,”
Curion bravely said,
“But if the mage assaults our keep,
We’re sure to end up dead.”

So leaving the Loyal Blackbird,
To guard the pillar well,
The Five set forth to quickly clear,
The Broken Tower’s shell.

And passing through ruined Spellguard,
The Five saw many sights,
Caravan dwarves and working men,
But no foul beasts to fight.

And soon they came upon the Tower,
And searched it through and through,
And finding naught but dust and stone,
They thought their luck was through.

But treading on a certain stone,
Did hint of hidden wealth,
And what all Five could not achieve,
Seth did all by himself.

“A hidden lever in the wall,”
He said, with hint of pride,
“And look a long and dark staircase,
Who wants to go inside?”

In a line, the Five did proceed,
Down, down into the tomb,
And quite a tomb it proved to be,
Where clean white bones were strewn.

The Holy tried to sense evil,
And squinted with his eyes,
But neutral are all wild beasts,
Which adds to his surprise.

Enter Scraptor! Ugly supreme,
With acid spitting maw,
Assaults the Strong and Holy,
Its spittle leaves them raw.

But thinking quick did Cardinal,
Bring forth a swirling mist,
Through which all fled but Wild Zib,
Who held naught in his fist.

And cast the gnome a sudden spell,
That burned the Scraptors hide,
Then he too scrambled through the fog,
Back to his allies’ side.

And while the warriors blocked the way,
The casters did their best,
But when the Scraptor launched its breath,
Zib suffered with the rest.

The Wild saw morale crumb-ling,
Before the Scraptor’s breath,
So cast he a great scorching ray,
That burning it half to death.

The foul Scraptor sent damage back,
That almost made Zib flee,
But digging in his heels, he stayed,
With hitpoints less than three.

So over dancing axe and swords,
Zib’s azure bolts did fly,
And dealt the Scraptor’s final blow,
The acid beast did die.

But what of other forking paths?
In the deep dark below?
Will the Mockingbird tell those tales?
Or does he even know?

That tale is for another night,
As this one has run out,
But trust you me, that I did see,
The Five stride proudly out.

Tell me of the Wandering Five,
Seeking to forge a name,
Making their living through labor,
With dreams of gold and fame.

1/19/13 The Nights of Many Wolves

[What follows in a portion of The Song of the Five, an ongoing lyrical saga that is gaining popularity in the town of Jon-Ril. The composer is an unknown bard said to travel with a singing crow and armored dog.]

The Nights of Many Wolves

And so it was, and so it shall be known,
A tale of travelers far from their homes,
Making their coin in whatever way,
Dreaming of glory at the close of day.

As the sun did rise over Sorrowed plain,
It found the Sorrowed Keep t’was reclaimed,
And Five companions journeyed forth blessed,
With loot in plenty and new quests to tame.

And traveled they Five, without incident,
To the home of yon wizard, a past ally,
Bore they a burden of maleficence,
They wondered if she might be tempted t’buy.

And in the parchment the witch saw evil,
The words of a flame beast terrible foul
And said she, ‘I will guard this primeval
creature, and keep it from going a-prowl.’

And thanked her did the adventurers Five,
And they did bow low in reverent awe,
And with jingle-ing coins they did connive,
And split the loot even-ly betwixt them all,

And asked her the most bravest among them,
The trickster who answers to the name Seth,
If mayhaps she could yet still advise them,
With a description of long lost Madrath.

And grateful, yon wizard did acquiesce,
And then detailed she the old wizard’s look,
Then busy, she, the great sorceress,
Did leave those Five and go back to her books.

Five Companions left yon wizards house,
Set out they for the township of Jon-Ril
But everywhere dangers came forth to douse
Their light spirits and most joyous goodwill.

And as the sun set on their first journeyed
Day, Cardinal stood watch by the embers,
And smelled she a wind so much like the dead,
That she awoke her party’s other members.

And faced they Ol’ Stinky, about the flame,
And held they their noses while they did fight,
Until the hound Barn’by did take his aim,
And tear down the undead, while in mid-flight.

And woe were the brave company-i-ons Five,
For a full night’s sleep they did not obtain,
And even though they each one did survi-ve,
Ol’ Stinky had no coins for them to claim.

And on the next night, their luck did persist,
As Iissal stood watch over their soft doze,
And a wolf did quick-ly, dive out the mist,
And bite with malice at poor Iissal’s toes.

And slew they the beast with fast mighty blows,
But when young Seth did go to take its skin,
He fumbled the roll and diced the beast whole,
And they got nothing for loot yet again.

The third night did come, and know you the drill,
Attack’d they were in the total darkness,
A fell pack of wolves hung-ered for their fill,
Filled the night with their howls and their bark-ses.

And yet again Barn’by, Corgi of Might,
Did launch himself into the cool night air,
And leveled the alpha with his small bite,
And shredded its hide with nary a care.

And though the beasts had no items of worth,
Skinned them did Sethrin, the Brave and the Bold,
And gave as a boon to the Wild Zib Zoo(k)th,
A wolf pelt with which to fight off the cold.

And with the great pack of wolves defeated,
The way to Jon-Ril was proved to be clear,
And walked they Five, proudly but depleted,
Through the gates of Jon-Ril, searching for a beer.

And divided they did, to see to their
Whims. Each comrade seeing to their God’s terms,
And to sell the items they brought hither,
And to buy the things of their own concern.

Followed, did Seth, the Holy Komboro,
And watched him give alms to the orphans around,
And watched him give much to those of the poor-er,
And Seth found that his suspicions abound.

Zib Zook sought entrance to the casters guild,
Cloaked he was in the pelt of a fresh kill,
But Master Mordy, did not like his build,
And mocked youthful Zib for his lack of skill.

Enter young Sethrin, the Brave and the Bold,
Who stood up to Mordicane with great pride,
But Mordy did laugh, if the truth be told,
And did not let the Brave Sethrin inside.

Heard they some rumors, the party of Five,
But no leads could they find for their sole quest,
So sought out a car’van as it did drive,
And followed it to the foul Sunken west.

At the door of the Inn of the Prec’pice,
The friendly sisters they did joyous meet,
Zib Zook did hag-gle about the price,
But paid, happy not to sleep on the street.

And with a great cry, ‘Fourth level be best!’
They Five set out into ruined Spellguard.
The imminent dangers would be a test,
And could mightily leave them most scarred.

While heading to yon ruined tower they
Were beset on by kobolds most reviled,
And Bleak’s Band thought them to be helpless prey,
But the Five were ready for fights most wild.

Cardinal shot holy light from her hands.
And Zib did force a great many to sleep.
And Komboro did smite some of the Band.
And with all his might, strong Iissal did cleave.

And the Brave and the Bold that was Sethrin,
Did grow to a great and magical height,
And chasing down those that fled with a grin,
Did grab up a pris’ner and gripped him tight.

Komboro was grieved to be charged with a
Captive. And tried to speak with him fairly,
But the kobold was rude in the parlay,
And he then thought to combat him squarely.

But Komboro the Holy never got
The chance, for Card was not one for caring.
She took off its head with a single shot,
And told Barnaby to get his bearings.

And so nose to the ground did Barnaby,
Sniff out the kobolds deep, dark, and damp cave,
For surely he is party M-V-P,
Unless it is Seth, the Bold and the Brave.

But the door to the cave proved to be trap’d,
And Sethrin did verily fumble his roll,
And pricked he his finger upon the catch,
And felt the taint of poison in his soul.

But Benevolent Card did cast a spell,
That saved Sethrin from the foul poison’s sting,
And the Five surveyed where the Kobolds dwell,
And found the low ceiling a hazardous thing.

So with the poison still in Sethrin’s veins,
And the hour growing late in the night,
And with sufficient experience gains,
The Five decided to avoid the fight.

Returned they did to the Monastery,
Perch-ed on the Precipice high and steep,
And Seth healed by the apothecary,
Bought a nice bed and laid down for a sleep.

And so it was, and so it shall be known,
A tale of travelers far from their homes,
Making their coin in whatever way,
Dreaming of glory at the close of day.

1/5/13 Tower of Many Sorrows

Cardinal, Iissal, Set and Zib Zook heard interesting rumors about a tower located to the south on the road to Carse called The Tower of Many Sorrows. Not having any other immediate plans the foursome decided to try their luck at obtaining the treasures it was said to hold. Feeling like they would probably need more strength, they went to the hiring hall in Jonril and met Komboro a Paladin that appeared to be human, but had silver eyes. He agreed to join them on their journey to “spread love and end suffering”.

On their way they were attacked by a Skeleton Owl Bear which they defeated, they decided to follow his tracks back to his lair where they encountered two more, it took team work but they killed those two as well with a few party members taking damage in the process. After camping in the cave for the night they continued on to the temple. The Temple was aptly named as the area surrounding it filled our brave adventurers with feelings of hopelessness and dread. Only Komboro and those nearest him were immune to the effects. The land was blackened as though the tower had been destroyed yesterday though it had been 80 years since the wizard Hadrath had blasted his domain after a spell went awry and killed his beloved wife Lady Alicia.

As the rumors had stated the bottom of the tower was intact, but above the 3rd floor there was an entire section of the tower missing, leaving the floors above floating 60’ above the lower portion with no supports… at least not physical ones. Hadrath was a powerful wizard indeed!

There were no monsters in the tower, in fact despite the rumors that many had tried to “liberate” it’s treasure is was in near pristine condition…. the gaping hole not withstanding. Zib Zook used a fly spell to go to the upper levels after Set’s raven/crow Juniper had scouted for danger. He lowered a rope to the others and they arrived without incident. The tower itself turned out to be an exercise of mental powers instead of physical ones with puzzles to solve and the only danger was a “helping hand” that Zib accidentally caused to attack and the other male members of the party kept rotating who it was choking until Komboro figured out that soothing it was the way to go. He was fast proving himself to be a valuable party member.

Hadrath was not in the tower, but Lady Alicia’s ghost was and offered the party a 5000gp reward if they could find her husband and get him to return to the tower as she can not rest until she has spoken with him. She even allowed Komboro to take her Amulet of Lie Detection from her skeleton and Cardinal to remove 5 magic wands and scroll of Summon Elemental that led to her demise when a pentagram was defective and the wizard lost control. The party did not strip the tower bare feeling awkward about doing that to Lady Alicia, and if they found Hadrath surely he would not look kindly upon those actions.

After resting the group headed off to Jonril, where they would seek out Lady Anderlin a powerful wizard in her own right to ask her about Hadrath and get her advice on either selling or disposing of the scroll that was obviously dangerous if used improperly or by an evil wizard. From there… maybe back to the sunken lands, now that the group is more seasoned and had more spell casting ability and magic items, they might be ready to face the dangers and collect the rewards there. Who knows, maybe Hadrath awaits there as well.

12/9/12 Duralin Keep Completed

Our band of brave adventurers believing they cleaned out Duralin Keep and being laden down with their spoils headed back to Jonril. Along the way they encountered Aramil the Ranger and told him of their adventure and success. In Jonril they will sell the items they acquired, decide where to travel to next, and possibly add another to their number.

12/1/12 Duralin Keep

After resting the adventurers decided to leave the Sunken Lands with the exception of Ren Withers who decided to go his own way. The group traveled with Thurrn Gargengrim’s caravan that was shipping whisky from the Monastery of the Precipice to Jonril. The group met another traveler with the caravan headed toward Jonril that seemed to click with them right away, Aaron Feldspar an Elven scout by trade.
After reaching Jonril the headed North in to the Thunder Peaks. On the 6th day the caravan was attacked by Goblins at night which were handily defeated. Later that evening Thurrn said that he thought the Goblins probably came from Duralin Keep which was not far away. The Keep ruins are are the remains of High Lord Algamain Dragon Slayer and his Lady Findora’s reign. Algamain was a mighty warrior lord that had killed a golden dragon, but the dragons mate sought revenge and for 60 years attacked the keep repeatedly killing the Lords men his Lady Findora in the last attack. Algamain took 60 men and went in search of the dragons lair many years ago and was never heard from again. it is rumored that there is still treasure there but no one can find it. Enthralled by the story and the possibility of treasure the group decided to check it out.

The keep was ruined in places but had others that remained fairly intact. The group decided to venture into the tower that looked the most promising as far as finding treasure was concerned. On the main level they encountered goblins that with all of the party fighting side by side they were able to dispatch without major incidence, Sethryn discovered stairs and two dead adventurers a magic user and a fighter who yielded some interesting items, Devon the Swashbuckler made use of the masterwork studded leather armor, while Zib was happy to find a spell book with six spells in it.

Cardinal found a secret passage behind the throne dais on the main level, but she probably should have checked for traps or let Aaron do so as he is good at finding them, if she had then Seth probably could have disarmed the trap on the door before she got poisoned. However, she did open, she was “stung” and still does not know exactly what was injected into her or it’s effects. The door led to the King and Queens chambers where two more secret doors were discovered with carved out places that exactly matched the relief carvings on the arms of the thrones. Cardinal decided to puzzle it out and she and Iissal descended back to the throne room because there is safety in numbers. Cardinal worked on it until she figured out how to remove them by pressing and turning the carvings, they each also hid a key. that they would later discover opened chests. The group was elated to find the treasure that had eluded others, and set about searching the rest of the keep for more.

With the upper and main level secured, our group when down the stairs to a a lot of rooms, most of which were empty, and another staircase leading down. One central room on this level held 6 Skeletons, luckily Cardinal turned them to dust with the power of Tymora before anyone was injured. A chest discovered in that bedroom yielded more gold. The last room on that floor was full of rats! Apparently the kitchen and store room had become a have n for the large rats and they attacked on site. Iissal was injured, before Zib could cast the spell that incapacitated them. Barnaby a natural rat hunter had a great time killing them all. With the spell casters at low ebb, the group decided to rest and heal in the bedroom where they found the chest before continuing down tot he next level.

To Be continued….

The Sunken Lands

Aramil the Ranger having completed his quest to find out about the missing party by the Kilrane house in Jonril left to report the news that they are gone with their gods having met an unfortunate end in the Sunken Lands.

With the death of Jorin the paladin and a Skolarg barbarian fighter, Cardinal the Cleric of Tyomra, Sethryn a Bard of sorts and Zib Zook a Gnome Illusionist gathered in the common room of the Monastery of the Precipice to discuss what they planned to do next. Willow another Ranger that had been with them returned to Jonril with Aramil. The three of them decided to stay in the Sunken Lands, but realized that their survival chances were slim with just the three of them. They sought out other adventurers to join them and met Ren – a mysterious fellow who played with daggers, Devon – who appeared to be a swashbuckling sailor of sorts and Iissal a surly gentleman that appeared to be a somewhat experienced fighter. While none knew very much about each other, or even what skills they possessed, they decided that there was safety in numbers and that they could each try to attain their individual goals by working cooperatively.

Their first foray into the Sunken Lands was on behalf of Lady Ashley who sought the remains of her husbands body for a decent burial and offered a reward of 60gp. It was not as easy as the group had thought though as they encountered Bleak’s Band of Kobolds and discovered that some Kobalds were far from easy to kill as out of 6 only one was felled by Cardinal. Ren did however in the process find proof of Lady Ashley’s husbands death (his signet ring and part of his arm so they returned to the Monastery of the Precipice rest and collect their reward.

The group decided to set out the next morning to attempt to explore the perimeter of the ruins. They ran into more Kobalds not far form the Monestery and several of the party members afraid because of their last encounter and hid upon first seeing them. While these Kobalds were not nearly as tough as Bleak’s Band, the adventurers lacked confidence and being new companions did not work well together to defeat the common foe and only managed to kill one of them before the Kobalds fled at the sounds of an oncoming party of adventurers, afraid to be outnumbered.

The spell casters Zib and Cardinal had used up their spells and were forced to rest so the party struck camp. In the night on the 3rd watch the camp was set upon by 3 Constructs (they later found out e=were called the Iron Defenders) and an unknown foe on top of a high wall wielding a crossbow with deadly effect. Again our adventurers did not fare well; with Devon, Sethryn and Ren going down in the battle or as they fled the encampment. All were healed by Cardinal and made it back to the Monastery where after resting they would meet to decide what to do. After a less than triumphant outing, our adventurers were feeling outmatched in the Sunken Lands, they clearly needed more fighters and to learn to fight as a team if they were to survive the hazards they would face here or elsewhere in the Forgotten Realms. To be continued…..


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